The first in a series of collaborations between Thunder Disco Club and Cabaret Voltaire kicks off with mighty Amsterdam producer, Tom Trago, providing the on-the-button electronic.

Sat 7th July : Thunder Disco Club presents Tom Trago @ Cab Vol

  • 23:00 – 03:00, £7 (£5)

Thunder Disco Club : audio-visual disco-xploitation and ode to ‘Betamax inspired sleaze’.

Thunder Disco Club seek to provide a bimonthly aphrodisiac to Glasgow’s brimming clubbing calendar and although heavily influenced by Disco, they are very much about throwing a party: so if it looks good with clothes on, it will look better with clothes off. The nomadic collective strongly believe in experimenting with new concepts that give each party its own identity, spinning this out through its own brand of audio-visual ‘disco-xploitation’ as an ode to Cult Cinema and ‘Betamax inspired sleaze’.

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