It’s that time again…

Gamma Ray presents the extraordinary club event “where the weird is normal”

Dress Up: [not forced, casual street wear is welcome]
Cleopatra, Pharaoh, Nefertiti, Sphinx, Scarab Beetle, Tutankhamen, Mummies, Slaves, Pyramid, Egyptian Gods

Egyptian – Prepare to satisfy your Ba as we attempt to recharge your Ka and take you deep inside the mysteries of the Old Gods. Pyramids curses, sarcophagi spells, mummies rising, and ancient pharaohs doing well; we are not ready to be the populace of the necropolis, and Osiris help us as we pay tribute and walk like an Egyptian.

2 Themed Floors:

Main Room: Freak Show Visuals, DJs: DOLBY ANOL playing Glitchy Electro, Glam Techno, Disco Beats

Upstairs: DJs: The Dirty Red Diamonds [Oly & Jake] playing Sunset Surf-Town, Rockabilly & Punk


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