SUBSTANCE 50 ft The Destroyaz & Rolando – 10 August 2012 @ the Bongo Club

Edinburgh is a tad busy with the festival and what not. Wheres the party at?

We mark a very special milestone 50th Substance party with a massive double headlining bill:

The Destroyaz: Bill Youngman & Neil Landstrumm Dual Live PA [UK Debut] (Killekill, Tresor, Planet Mu)
DJ Rolando (Ostgut Ton, Underground Resistance)
Gavin Richardson
Visuals from R/MA/ K/R/
Imported Sound


A special dual live show from two kings of the underground – NYC born, adopted Berliner Bill Youngman and UK master Neil Landstrumm.  The Destroyaz drop beats like bombs, hyping the mike with freestyle rhymes, firing bleeps and synth riffs for a truly awesome live hardware performance.  Down and dirty club music for the heads.  A UK debut.

ROLANDO (Ostgut Ton, Underground Resistance)

Hailing from Detroit Michigan, Roland Rocha was catapulted to world fame with the massive ‘Knights of the Jaguar’ release whilst part of the legendary Underground Resistance collective.  Returning on Delsin in 2008, Rolando has since re-established himself as key techno/house figure and close affiliate of Berlin techno mecca Berghain and the associated Ostgut Ton label.

Resident GAVIN RICHARDSON returns after a few months away, hot on the heels of his summer festival appearances at Bloc and Kelburn.

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